TV Issues

10 06 2010

Last night, our living room TV decided that after over six years of dutiful and frequent service, it had absolutely and without a doubt had enough. All we have now is a pitch black screen. We do have two other TVs in the house, but both are HD, and the living room TV, and therefore the cable box, DVR, et cetera, is standard definition.

Yeah, I know: “You blog about TV and you don’t have an HD setup? What?” The simple answer is that we’re planning to upgrade when we move, but we a) already had this setup going when we purchased our HD TV sets and did not want to pay for a second Comcast service fee to upgrade, and b) we both really like having our own TVs in our own rooms and don’t want to swap anything around. If I get desperate, I might try to pull the cable box into my bedroom and see what happens, or pick up an HD DVR from a Comcast center and just set it up in my room. But the main goal is getting a new TV, because we like being social here in Jessland.

We’re on the hunt for a large, cheap tube TV to replace the living room TV and hold us over until we move and upgrade our living room setup to HD (yay!). I’ll try to keep up with shows—True Blood is starting in three days, so I’m desperate to have a new TV before then. I wish I could just set the DVR and have everything recorded when I get a new TV, but I can’t see the screen to set it. It’s really and truly dead.

Thanks for bearing with me! I’m still amazed that we actually wore out a TV.

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