The Bachelorette, So Far

8 06 2010

You always know I’m hurting a bit for my reality TV fix when I tune into The Bachelorette over the summer. I think this particular show would be more acceptable if I didn’t give it two hours of my Monday night each week, but truly, it’s a fun ride. There’s nothing like a bunch of pretty boys clamoring for one smokin’ lady and leaving a goldmine of drama in their wake. For some reason, I don’t feel like The Bachelor would be as appealing to me (but I’ve never watched it).

I started this season under the impression that Ali was too giggly and annoying, but I’m starting to like her. She knows (basically) what she’s looking for and she’s not afraid to strive for it. She seems real, and cool, and like a girl I could maybe-possibly kinda-sorta be friends with. And I have to give it up for driven, motivated women—they’re super awesome. So, I understand why she gave poor Hunter the boot after their one-on-one date last night. They seemed friendly enough, but I like that she was able to recognize that there was no real emotional connection—at least, not in the time they’d been allowed. I did feel bad for Hunter, because he seems like a great guy. But the show isn’t about keeping a harem of great guys; it’s about finding love. (The inherent implications of watching the girl you’re “in love” with kissing other guys for a month and a half aside, of course.)

And then there’s the drama in the guys’ house and poor, potentially misunderstood Justin the entertainment wrestler. I thought the producers were going to send him packing last night (isn’t going to Ali’s house when you’re not supposed to be there breaking the rules? I guess not), but I’m glad they didn’t. Of course, it would be a mistake on their part to let the most drama-inducing guy this season go—drama keeps fans enthralled. When the guys initially voted for Justin as being on the show for the wrong reasons, I agreed with them. But now, three episodes in, I’m on Ali’s side and I find myself trusting her judgment. Justin seems like a solid, dedicated guy, and he seems to really like Ali. Yes, he has a profession that thrives under the spotlight, and yes, being on this show might help that. But I don’t believe that’s necessarily why he’s here. I love that Ali saved the last rose for him last night, as if to prove a point to the rest of them.

Just as aside: My boyfriend loves The Weatherman (Jonathan). He’s just awkward enough to make him appealing to us, just confident and sweet enough to make him appealing to Ali, and just annoying enough to get on the other guys’ nerves. Perfection. We also like Cape Cod Chris because we live in MA, so he’s our homeboy.

Frank seems a little obsessive. Handsome, a little dorky… but obsessive. And I like Kirk, who Ali spent some time sucking face with last night. He’s just so cute. It seems like Kasey might go home next week—that preview looked awful. I like Ty a lot too, and it’s cool that he told Ali about his divorce.

Ali’s favorites so far seem to be Roberto (obviously) and Justin, but she also seems to like Kirk, Frank, Cape Cod Chris, and a few others. The rumors say that someone has a girlfriend back home, someone will leave and it’ll be a game changer (both are typical), and that someone tries to kill himself (that would be interesting, but who knows if the rumors are true!). We’ll have to see how it goes!



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