The Bachelorette: “You’re gonna regret this!”

29 06 2010

I hate that I like Ali, but truly, she just gets more and more awesome with each episode. The fear on her face (which my boyfriend perceived as anger) when Chris Harrison said that Jessie had some serious news for her was tangible and just served to make her more endearing. She’s so nice, and friendly, and fun, and it’s no wonder these guys are fighting for her heart. She’s really in this to find love (my boyfriend doesn’t think so, but more on that in a bit).

I think she could have approached the Justin situation with a bit more tact and privacy, but embarrassing someone when you’re pissed at them can be pretty cathartic. And it was really fun to watch him run away with his tail between his legs. Those voicemails at the end made me want to punch him in the face for leading Ali on. Now, I was convinced that the person with a girlfriend at home was Frank, but according to the previews he just gets freaked out and leaves. But we’ll see next week. Personally, I’m glad it was Justin—although I, like Ali, was fooled by his acting, he had started to rub me the wrong way lately with his snide comments and egotism. I like everyone else still there much better (Chris L.—Massachusetts homeboy—is totally my favorite). And now I feel even worse for poor Kasey, even though I agreed with Ali’s decision to send him home; he was getting a little unstable out there.

My boyfriend tried to argue that Ali had no right to be angry because she’s doing the exact same thing as Justin. She’s dating multiple people (counterpoint: they all know about it and knew what they were getting into) and she also gave up her great job to be on a television show and, he argues, to jump-start an acting career (counterpoint: Ali did it to find a husband and there’s no evidence that she wants to be an actress, although she does look great on camera; Justin seems to have already found his wife, and planned to string Ali along to get himself more airtime). So, I think the boy is wrong. The funny part is that the guys on the show were right from the start, but I guess they had a lot more insight than either Ali or me, considering they had to live with the jerk.

I also admire Ali’s decision to skip the cocktail party. It was obvious that she had less chemistry with Craig than the rest of the guys, and while I feel bad for him, I think she made the right choice. Craig seems like a great guy—funny, smart, successful—but Ali also wants someone who gets her all hot and bothered, and Craig wasn’t that person. So who’s left? Chris L. and Roberto look like the frontrunners, although Ali obviously still really likes Frank and Ty. Will she rekindle those hot, sexy feelings with Kirk before the next rose ceremony? If Frank leaves on his own accord, will the other guys get all terrified about commitment as well and leave poor Ali hanging? I really want this girl to find true love, because it’s a great feeling and she deserves it.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to watch. I never thought I’d like The Bachelorette this much—I stopped watching about three episodes into Jillian’s season because I got busy—but it has become one of my TV priorities. (Ali is great, but seeing those steamy guys with their shirts off every week is awesome too.) Unfortunately, I have a Monday/Wednesday night class starting on July 7th, so my posts might be a little later in the weeks to come. But, again, thank goodness for DVR.

I hope this experience ruins Rated R‘s wrestling career for good.

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True Blood: Mmm, hot werewolves.

28 06 2010

This post contains spoilers.

Sorry for the week-long hiatus; I spent half of it at a wedding in Florida and the other half catching up on all my other projects.

I crammed in two weeks’ worth of True Blood last night (thank goodness for DVR), minus about 10 minutes at the beginning of the new episode when my cable crapped out. Ahh, Comcast, how I loathe thee. Fortunately, this recap was there to help me out.

So, first off, I really like the non-CGI werewolves. Real wolves look menacing enough on their own. And Sookie’s hot new werewolf bodyguard is pretty neat—the half-telepathic half-aloud conversation over tea was cute and hilarious. She was awesome in the werewolf bar, too, except that the girl still doesn’t always know her limits. Gettin’ all alone with Wolf Swayze wasn’t necessarily the best idea. Fortunately, Alcide (the hot wolf bodyguard) was there to save her.

But what’s been shocking me this season is Bill. What’s with the shift in allegiance? (Except, of course, to save Sookie. That’s probably what it is.) And I hate that he’s schtupping Lorena, who turned him into a vampire and threatened his wife back in the 1800s. That neck-twisted sex scene was enough to make even me cringe, and blood and gore is kind of my thing. E! Online called it “arguably television’s most shocking sex scene of all time” (link). Either way, it spells trouble for Bill and Sookie’s relationship, even though Lorena did command him to make love to her. (She’s his maker; he cannot refuse her. But wait! Didn’t she release him from that clause years ago? Food for thought….) The preview of next week’s episode (actually, two weeks from yesterday—the next episode will be on July 11th) shows our favorite telepath (finally) getting all cozy with Sheriff Eric. Although I love Sookie/Bill, I’m excited for some change and development of Lorena’s character. S/B are pretty much meant for each other and I predict that’s how they’ll ultimately end up, regardless of any insanity this season.

As for Tara, Sam, and Arlene, their sideplots are cool. I’m happy that Lafayette was able to knock some sense into Tara—just in time for her to get all sexy with a creepy vampire and wind up glamoured at the end. Awesome. I’m curious to see if Arlene confesses about the pregnancy (who’s the real daddy again? Any of you remember?), and Sam’s new “family” just rubs me the wrong way. It’ll be great to see how it all progresses.

Stay tuned for updates on The Bachelorette and the new episodes of Futurama.

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The Bachelorette: Ali’s Continued Quest

15 06 2010

I have to run off to work, so this is going to be quick.

I must admit that Kasey is adorable in an obsessive puppy dog sort of way. But the singing took it way over the top, and I understand Ali’s apprehension. I’m excited to see her reaction to the tattoo, because while Kasey thinks it’s a grand gesture, I bet it’s going to freak down-to-earth Ali way the hell out (and drama like that is what makes this show fun). At least some of the guys’ anger was deflected away from Justin this week. I am glad that the bandage is due to a tattoo and not a suicide attempt, as was predicted earlier. That would have been very very sad.

And how sweet is Chris L.? Bringing sick Ali flowers and soup was an awesome move, and I’m glad she felt well enough to go out on their date. That club looks awesome and goodness did it make me crave seafood. I love that Ali loves Chris’s family, and letting him call his dad was a great touch. They work really well together and I’m rooting for him at this point.

For my own birthday, my lovely boyfriend is planning a belated trip to New York City to see “The Lion King,” so this episode got me all excited. I loved the tryouts, and it was no surprise that Roberto won that round.

I was surprised that Ali sent The Weatherman and Jesse home, but I suppose I shouldn’t be. Jonathan was too awkward and uncomfortable for her, and she says she had no connection with Jesse. That’s all completely fair. I feel like Roberto and Chris L. are the frontrunners right now, along with Frank (although—SPOILER ALERT—the rumors say he has a girlfriend back home). I’m not sure how many times I can hear guys say, “Now she’s my girlfriend. I think of her as my girlfriend. She’s mine,” without wanting to punch someone in the face. It’s her choice, buddy, and she does have a major one in front of her. But I think I can get through this season without breaking another TV if I just exert some self-control.

It was nice to see her be stingy and secretive in terms of handing out roses, and although this is a (silly) TV show, it does seem like Ali is taking this pick-a-husband thing very seriously. I give her major props for that, and I hope she winds up happy.

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True Blood: Season 3 Premiere

14 06 2010

I cannot even tell you how happy I was to see these opening credits again.

I first wrote about True Blood almost a year ago, when I had just finished marathoning season one and was about to start season two. (You can read about that here.) I loved the show then, but now? It’s a Sunday night staple, and I’ve missed it since season two ended. I enjoyed season two, but not as much as season one. I couldn’t stand Mary Ann—not that you’re supposed to like villains, but my favorite lady villains are like Glory from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

For memory’s sake:

Anyway. I don’t want to spoil anything, because I know a lot of people don’t have HBO and may not have seen the True Blood premiere yet. But before I return to watching the newest Bachelorette episode, I’ll tell you the one thing I’m super-duper excited about: werewolves. And not like the hulking, silly half-man/half-beast werewolves. The awesome, just-looks-like-a-big-wolf kind. Totally my favorite.

And P.S., we got a new TV.

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TV Issues

10 06 2010

Last night, our living room TV decided that after over six years of dutiful and frequent service, it had absolutely and without a doubt had enough. All we have now is a pitch black screen. We do have two other TVs in the house, but both are HD, and the living room TV, and therefore the cable box, DVR, et cetera, is standard definition.

Yeah, I know: “You blog about TV and you don’t have an HD setup? What?” The simple answer is that we’re planning to upgrade when we move, but we a) already had this setup going when we purchased our HD TV sets and did not want to pay for a second Comcast service fee to upgrade, and b) we both really like having our own TVs in our own rooms and don’t want to swap anything around. If I get desperate, I might try to pull the cable box into my bedroom and see what happens, or pick up an HD DVR from a Comcast center and just set it up in my room. But the main goal is getting a new TV, because we like being social here in Jessland.

We’re on the hunt for a large, cheap tube TV to replace the living room TV and hold us over until we move and upgrade our living room setup to HD (yay!). I’ll try to keep up with shows—True Blood is starting in three days, so I’m desperate to have a new TV before then. I wish I could just set the DVR and have everything recorded when I get a new TV, but I can’t see the screen to set it. It’s really and truly dead.

Thanks for bearing with me! I’m still amazed that we actually wore out a TV.

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The Bachelorette, So Far

8 06 2010

You always know I’m hurting a bit for my reality TV fix when I tune into The Bachelorette over the summer. I think this particular show would be more acceptable if I didn’t give it two hours of my Monday night each week, but truly, it’s a fun ride. There’s nothing like a bunch of pretty boys clamoring for one smokin’ lady and leaving a goldmine of drama in their wake. For some reason, I don’t feel like The Bachelor would be as appealing to me (but I’ve never watched it).

I started this season under the impression that Ali was too giggly and annoying, but I’m starting to like her. She knows (basically) what she’s looking for and she’s not afraid to strive for it. She seems real, and cool, and like a girl I could maybe-possibly kinda-sorta be friends with. And I have to give it up for driven, motivated women—they’re super awesome. So, I understand why she gave poor Hunter the boot after their one-on-one date last night. They seemed friendly enough, but I like that she was able to recognize that there was no real emotional connection—at least, not in the time they’d been allowed. I did feel bad for Hunter, because he seems like a great guy. But the show isn’t about keeping a harem of great guys; it’s about finding love. (The inherent implications of watching the girl you’re “in love” with kissing other guys for a month and a half aside, of course.)

And then there’s the drama in the guys’ house and poor, potentially misunderstood Justin the entertainment wrestler. I thought the producers were going to send him packing last night (isn’t going to Ali’s house when you’re not supposed to be there breaking the rules? I guess not), but I’m glad they didn’t. Of course, it would be a mistake on their part to let the most drama-inducing guy this season go—drama keeps fans enthralled. When the guys initially voted for Justin as being on the show for the wrong reasons, I agreed with them. But now, three episodes in, I’m on Ali’s side and I find myself trusting her judgment. Justin seems like a solid, dedicated guy, and he seems to really like Ali. Yes, he has a profession that thrives under the spotlight, and yes, being on this show might help that. But I don’t believe that’s necessarily why he’s here. I love that Ali saved the last rose for him last night, as if to prove a point to the rest of them.

Just as aside: My boyfriend loves The Weatherman (Jonathan). He’s just awkward enough to make him appealing to us, just confident and sweet enough to make him appealing to Ali, and just annoying enough to get on the other guys’ nerves. Perfection. We also like Cape Cod Chris because we live in MA, so he’s our homeboy.

Frank seems a little obsessive. Handsome, a little dorky… but obsessive. And I like Kirk, who Ali spent some time sucking face with last night. He’s just so cute. It seems like Kasey might go home next week—that preview looked awful. I like Ty a lot too, and it’s cool that he told Ali about his divorce.

Ali’s favorites so far seem to be Roberto (obviously) and Justin, but she also seems to like Kirk, Frank, Cape Cod Chris, and a few others. The rumors say that someone has a girlfriend back home, someone will leave and it’ll be a game changer (both are typical), and that someone tries to kill himself (that would be interesting, but who knows if the rumors are true!). We’ll have to see how it goes!

Wipeout Sneak Peek Tonight

1 06 2010

Wipeout doesn’t officially start until later this month (see my Summer TV post for more info), but there’s a sneak peek tonight on ABC from 8-9 PM. This special episode is the “Blind Date” episode, where two people run the course as a “first date” and the champions get $50,000 each. The course is also supposed to be harder than ever, allowing for more awesome falls, coupled with the whooshes, slams, splashes, bonks, and other kickass onomatopoeias that come with them—which is, you have to admit, the reason you watch anyway.