Jess’s Summer TV

27 05 2010

I always think that summer TV will be lame, but then when I actually sit down and put my schedule together, it’s not bad! I’m really excited for what’s coming up. This will be MY schedule; if you want to see a full schedule, the one located here is pretty detailed.

The shows I plan to watch, ordered by premiere date:
The Bachelorette
ABC (May 24-Aug. 6). Mondays, 8 PM.

True Blood
HBO. Sundays, 9 PM. Season 3 begins June 13th.

ABC. Tuesdays, 8 PM. Season 3 begins June 22nd.

Comedy Central. Thursdays, 9 PM. All-new episodes begin on June 24th.

Big Brother
CBS. The new schedule is set for Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, with the premiere on Thursday, July 8th. Word on the street is that since the days have shifted, eliminations will take place on Thursday, nominations on Sunday, and the Power of Veto ceremony on Wednesday.

Showtime. Mondays, 10 PM. Season 6 begins August 16th.

And I might watch The Real L Word, which starts on Showtime on June 20th. It’s a reality TV spin-off of the popular series about a group of GLBT friends in LA, which ended last year.

I would love to watch Mad Men but I’ve only seen the first three episodes of Season 1 so far. But if you’re interested, it’s back on AMC on July 25.



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1 06 2010
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[…] 1 06 2010 Wipeout doesn’t officially start until later this month (see my Summer TV post for more info), but there’s a sneak peek tonight on ABC from 8-9 PM. This special episode is […]

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