American Idol: I Was Wrong

26 05 2010

You can tell I didn’t watch most of this season of Idol based on my earlier prediction that Crystal Bowersox would go home last week. Last night, she blew me away. I started watching convinced that Lee would walk away the winner, but it’s a real toss-up for me now. Crystal was better than him last night—she had real confidence and she’s not afraid to be herself (proven by that awesome little “I’m beside Ryan Seacrest” joke—didja catch that?), and I love that about her. Lee did good, but not great. He seemed nervous and, to steal a word from Randy Jackson, “pitchy.” Crystal’s “Up to the Mountain” completely overpowered Lee’s “Beautiful Day.” (And I have to admit, although it may have been a cry for votes, Crystal’s send-off to Simon was touching.) If I voted, I’d have voted for Crystal last night. When it comes down to it, though, both their voices are amazing and I’d be happy with either one winning.

It hasn’t always been like that. I was devastated when Bo Bice lost in Season 4, even though I liked and continue to like Carrie Underwood. It was after his loss that I stopped voting—I put in a ton of text votes and called in a few times that night, and when he didn’t win I gave up on voting against the waves of teenyboppers who control the outcome of this show. I disliked Kris Allen last season—I still find him really, really, really boring and would have preferred to see Adam Lambert win the prize. I was rooting for Katharine McPhee over Taylor Hicks because again, the dude’s boring. But I like both Crystal and Lee a lot, so I know I can’t be disappointed tonight.

That said, we’ll know soon! Can’t wait—it’s bound to be a good show, and the last time cantankerous judge Simon Cowell will be on American Idol. Tune in tonight for Fox’s 2-hour Grand Finale, starting at 8 PM.



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