American Idol: Drawing Me in Again

19 05 2010

I started losing interest in American Idol when Katie Stevens left, and the show lost me entirely when America sent Siobhan Magnus packing. (So what if she’s the second coming of Adam Lambert? The girl could really sing.)

Let’s face it: “Pants on the Ground” just couldn’t be topped.

Seriously? Seriously awesome.

But I also haven’t cast a vote since all of my votes for Bo Bice did not pan out in the season 4 finale (though I do like Carrie Underwood, really, I do), and I’m a proponent of the “if you don’t vote, you can’t complain” camp. So instead of complaining, I quit watching with the knowledge that my opinion and America’s opinion are often at odds.

But last night, when my roommate and I were waiting for Lost to start, we put on Idol for a few minutes. And that Lee DeWyze, man–he won me over with “Hallelujah.” Not only is the song amazing, but he did something pretty unique with it. And even if it’s not unique, as this article suggests, it’s still really, really great.

See for yourself:

And that’s why I’m going to watch American Idol next week. I might even try my hand at live blogging. I wouldn’t expect Idol to have a permanent place in this blog unless next season really blows my socks off (because really, this one was generally boring—but the Final Three all have excellent pipes, and I’m now excited to see how it turns out), but I’ll pop back in every once in awhile.

My prediction for tonight is that Crystal Bowersox will go home, because the voting populace is made up primarily of teenybopper girls, but I have not seen enough of this season to predict fairly, and females often make it far.

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